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Math Centers and Math Resources for the Classroom

Number One Rule: Work smarter not harder. There is an abundance of quality printable materials for the elementary classroom already on line. When you find something you might be able to use now or in the future, download it now. However, respect the creator copyrights. For an better understanding of copyright laws, check out "A Concise Guide to Copyright"

What will you find on this page?

On this page you will find ideas for math centers. Some are ready made, i.e. just print and use and other have directions for constructing them yourself. This page is a work in progress so check back.

Printable geometric solids: print and construct 100s of geometric solids from the simple one of a cube to the more complex of a circle. That's right! Print on flat paper and cut and glue to make a round sphere.

Math Center Activities: Ideas for fourteen math centers, with material list. Kindergarten - level

Graphic Organizers: Large selection of graphic organizers - Venn Diagram, Time Line and many others.

Math Flashcards: Create custom addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Addition War: Directions and cards are provided for game. Can be extended to subtraction or multiplication to suit the needs of the students.

Game cards: This is a Word document using Avery cards 5376, customize by adding your vocabulary words, spelling words, to meet the needs of your students. Note: can be printed on card stock and cut out with scissors. Examples: 3rd grade Money Cards,

2-D Shape Concentration: Help students learn to identify geometric shapes. Match the picture & definition with the name of the shape.

3-D Shape Concentration: Help students learn to identify geometric shapes. Match the picture & definition with the name of the shape.

Math Game Board: "Math is a Puzzle" game board is designed for upper grades, Making Change Game Board - designed for 2nd or 3rd grades, Triangles, a set of 10 cards to use with "Triangles" "Place Value" a set of 10 cards for place value game, "What's My Number"- this is a greater than, less than game, 1 set of 10 cards for "What's My Number" These are just the board unless it states there are cards, vary the cards to meet the skills students need to practice.

Playing Cards: Use these cards by Janet Davis for math games - small size. For larger size: Over-sized Playing Cards: All 52 cards are enlarged.

Dominoes: Create your own dominos - match numerical with the number words

Math Fact Cafe Online worksheets, create your own or use pre-made. See Pre-made - 2nd Grade for Doubles. Work online, click to check your answers, and print to take home. Don't forget to enter your name at the top. Resources for Grades 1-4 are offered.

Number Match from Jan Britta: Download and printout out each page, then cut each sheet into the two artwork cards and the two number cards. The goal of  the game is to mix up the cards and then match the numbers with the artwork. These are designed for kindergarten and early first grade. There are four cards per page. Print on card stock and cut apart. We hope your students have fun with thee. 1 & 2, 3 & 4 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14 15 & 16, 17 & 18, 19 & 20.

Number Club: A Game of Place Value: Designed for second to third grade.

Fractions: This unit by Varnelle Moore is designed to guide young children (K-2) through an introduction to fraction using manipulatives, pencil and paper worksheets, online activities, and literature connections.

Math Vocabulary Cards: These cards have math vocabulary and their definitions. Print these for a center games and to reinforce the vocabulary with whole group. . Click on the cards numbers below to print the cards.

Cards 1-8
Cards 9-16
Cards 17-24
Cards 25- 32
Cards 33- 40
Cards 41-48
Cards 49 - 56
Cards 57 - 64
Cards 65 - 72
Cards 73 - 80
Cards 81-88
Cards 89 - 96
Cards 97 - 104
Cards 105 - 112
Cards 113 - 120
Cards 121 - 128
Cards 129 -136
Cards 137 - 144
Cards 145 - 152
Cards 153 - 160
Cards 161 - 168
Cards 169 - 176
Cards 177 - 184
Cards 185 - 192
Cards 193 - 200

Addition War: A card game for 2 or more players to add single-digit numbers.

Number Caterpillars: Very cute caterpillars bulletin board to for counting by 1's, 2's, 5,s & 10's.

Math Worksheets: Over 6000 free printable Math worksheets on addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, graph paper and much more.

Birthday Graph: Use this to graph students' birthday.

Number Line

Make a Clock

Place Value: 20 mini posters with the place value from billions to hundredths.

The four Math Operations: Scan playing cards at high resolution, purchase from the Dollar Store, or go download from the net. (If scanned at high resolution the cards can be enlarged before printing.) The possibilities for using this is almost endless.

A paper ruler: Print this 12 inch ruler on card stock. It also has a centimeters side to it.

Printable Math Manipulatives: Print these on card stock and students have a set they can take home to practice their new skills.

File Folder Heaven: Free printable file folder games - on the math Kindergarten and first grade level

Free Stuff: Math worksheets, word searches and more